Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Band

                                                                                      photo by Connie Baliva

         We had a great gig at the Sticky Lips BBQ in Rochester, NY.  The band rocked, the audience swayed, the food astounded. The energy was tangible , and we made some great memories & new fans.
    John Struble (drums) & James Wright (bass) were sitting in for the first time & Jimmy Whitaker (guitar) was on his second.  They all played amazingly .  I'm very fortunate to be in such company.
      We mic'd my small Marshall JCM w/ the 10" speaker. It fit the bill perfectly. I left the half stack @ home and we went light weight to move quickly off the stage for the second band The Jane Mutiny.  My 2008 Les Paul did better than @ last rehearsal where the strings kept going out of tune.  My 1980 never had such issues.  I brought my Morris Japanese made acoustic but I never got to use it. I will March 10 for sure at the Anchor Bar in Henrietta, NY.
The set list consisted of a mix of my originals, some Janis, Robert Johnson,  Grace Potter, Rocco DeLuca.  Perennial favs:)
     A special THank You to old friends & new friends , fans, Mgr. Suzanne Fava, BBQ management & staff for making it all in all a wonderful evening.