Monday, January 30, 2012


        Have you noticed how the term “make love” or " making love " is disappearing from the American vocabulary? 
       When I was a child the term ‘making love’ was used often in the movies. Back then “making love” could mean anything form wooing someone with flowers, candy & sweet whispers in someone’s ear,… to kissing.  
     In the late 60’s ,as kids we snickered at hearing it because by then the phrase had started to change. We new it had something to do with kissing & more. Then a funny thing happened, it came to mean having sex and pretty much nothing else.
        The term “Make Love Not War” was used in most every American protest against the Viet Nam war.  It was engrained on my sub-consciousness  & one of the patches on my jeans as a child of 1960’s.
So where did it go ?  Why has it almost if not totally disappeared?
     Thinking on this I realized that the continued militarization of our culture had to get rid of it to survive. First they had to give it a  sexual connotation in order to rid it of any emotional , or caring human relevance.  Then it would get buried along side the Frank Capra films, movies with morality (& damn good acting, something else that’s disappearing).
        Is our corporate military complex trying to create a culture without a conscience? Of course it is. How else can they accomplish their goals.  I know about the psychological training that goes on to prepare soldiers for battle.          They have to learn to  disregard their intuitive nature that tells them killing is wrong unless in an extreme self defense situation.                                                          Are we as humans able to stop loving & caring for one another ?  Is that the reason for so many citizen & soldier suicides & PTSD ? Because they’re being asked to do something that goes against their core beliefs ?   I think so.

Let’s get back to saying it & making Love NOT war.
“…compassion for others, friend or foe, is the noblest of all virtues.”_F.Capra


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello Everyone,
    As this new year is beginning, I'd like to express another heartfelt , exuberant , " THANK YOU ! " for your loyal support & friendship in 2011! 
It was an incredibly productive year. A year of " focusing in " like never before on lifelong passions, & health goals, & creating new music videos for "Clean Up Woman" & "It's All About Money", songs from my cd "Alternate Realities" .
         In 2011 for many , friends & family members passed & many fell ill or lost jobs among other things .  Multiple friends lost spouses much sooner than they'd ever imagined. 2011 was one of the most difficult years ever experienced in our lifetime across the globe.  For that I'm glad to see it go.           However, the 'alternate reality' for many of us was that while amidst multiple tragedies we also made more wonderful new friends & renewed more old friendships everywhere (cyberspace & physical space) than ever before.  I  learned many new things to do with this crazy music biz, trying all the while to be of service.  
     Balancing work, school, & Family is still a work in progress & moving forward in a positive way, I'd like to think.  I hope it is for You.
A few things I've worked hard on this year;  Knowing that I am what I think, I AM. Positive or negative, My thoughts create my world.  So I am learning to manage my creations & manifest much better than ever before. It's not an option any more. Stress is a valuable learning tool & very controllable , but if left to run rampant, it can kill us.  
      What I eat makes a huge difference in how I feel & think.  I eat more organic & while not a complete vegetarian yet, I eat mostly fruits & veggies now & I feel lighter & full of energy .  When I visualize what I want, I now do it with emotion & more gratitude than ever before &  I'm very careful what I ask for, intentionally or otherwise.
I sincerely Hope & Wish You All manifest Abundance, Peace , Health & Happiness during this New Year & Always !

With Love & Deep Gratitude,