Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lemon Verbena

I just found some old notes while cleaning a pile of papers.  A little fun I had at a writing class a few years ago.  The teacher, a published novelist, threw out the word "verbena" to the class, without a definition, and asked us to write something in 10 minutes.  I had verbena growing in my backyard. Unfortunately for the rest of the class, I think I was the only one who did. :)

Verbena ©2004 D.Magone

I have a small house in urbania,
where I plant lots and lots of verbena.
I tend it with care, it grows here & there.
Depends on the amount of the rainia.

The lemon is quite aromatic.
The cinnamon smells very fine.
But my favorite of all, my verbena
grows ground to roof on a vine.

I pluck it and dry it in autumn,
I put it in soaps and in teas.
I really am careful when crushing it,
my verbena sometimes makes me sneeze.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

photo by Rhonda Cline Photography

The Deborah Magone Band is launched for 2012 !

Well, we survived our first gig at Pub 511 in Irondequoit , NY .  It was a bit premature, meaning we would've liked to have been a bit tighter our first time out in a year, however with the support of family, fans, friends, & the Pub, we all had a great time!  A major Thank YOU to ALL who attended, especially fans from Canada who braved the Dept of Homeland you know what,....welcoming committee, who harassed & even fingerprinted our good hearted, well intentioned friends.  
My sincerest apologies! 
We're looking forward to our next band gig @ Sticky Lips BBQ on Mar. 1, 2012  w/ Jane Mutiny. 
In the meantime keep an eye on my calendar @ www.deborahmagone.com cause the poop is hittin' the fan ! Translation,...its going to be a jumpin' year for gigs acoustic & band. I hope to see you there !

:Deborah ♥