Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Progress ?!

                                                                  My Coffee Table - Photo by Deborah

“They say I'm old-fashioned, and live in the past, 

but sometimes I think progress progresses too fast!” 
― Dr. Seuss

Is it really Wednesday, tomorrow Thursday? WHat happened to Monday & Tuesday, or last week for that matter?  Because of my whirlwind activities I now sit here with a whopper of a cold, one of those "my face hurts" kinda head colds. I'm drinking hot veggie organic boullion to soothe the swollen glands. Had enough of honey, tea & lemon today.
     Everything considered I've handled myself well. Managing, schedules, meals, calendars , crisis. Getting better & better everyday in every way. In the middle of it all I'm trying to remember to have some fun, sometimes very difficult when good friends are not doing so well.
   I took my daughter to see "Wicked" last night. We enjoyed it very much. Wonderful costumes, set designs, acting & singing. Green will be in this year again to be sure.  My only criticism really ( and thats amazing for me to have only one!) was the musical arrangements.
     WHen did the musical genre get so generic? Since when were we able to walk away from a show not remembering one stand out memorable song, but only the visual effects?  No "Old Man RIver", no "Summertime," or "Over the Rainbow?"
Almost every song sounded the same.  A bit of a let down. Something that if more attention was paid to it , would've pushed the show over the edge and into my memory forever.
   So if you happen to be in the business of writing for musicals, please , in future, go the extra mile, the extra note or phrase, and start reversing this homogenized trend. Lets bring back wonderful melodies, smart catchy phrases, & memorable hooks with emotional inspiration.


Thursday, April 04, 2013

Support smart snacks in school!

Take Action ! Time to catch up with other countries and give our kids healthier choices in school.

Support smart snacks in school!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Is A Box With 3 sides Still A Box?

There's so much going on I hardly know where to begin !
Of course that brings to mind, getting organized on a mental & physical level. Many of us creative types have a hard time with that.  We don't like being in "boxes" of any kind.
       Enlightenment!  So I am trying to be more disciplined & focused with MY career choices & this, I realized, will in turn give me more abundance & thus freedom.  I can play in a box, but not a closed one.
        SOooo, I'm starting with my morning rituals/ tasks whatever name you give them that appeals to your emotional sensibility.  These are things I find that I must do to feel better, to get my day started in a healthy positive way in order to have the strength to be disciplined.  Starting to see the breadcrumbs on the trail ?  Good health =  thinking clearly = feeling better =  career tasks = abundance.  I know sounds simple but how are you doing in this area? Are you living  a healthy joyful life? If so please share!
       I find that we're being bombarded every moment of every day with intentional distractions designed to keep us from achieving good health, our dreams & passions. In America we're encouraged to eat more, work harder, get depressed,  get sick, take drugs, & die. This is NOT ok with most Americans. We are fighting back.
        I now write my goals down on a list in a notebook with columns for "immediate" "near future" "future", put appointments on my iCal with a "sound" alarm to remind me, add my desires on to home made meditation cassette tapes or cd's, and listen to them often at home & in the car, my blackberry alarm & calendar AND I still employ good ole fashioned paper notes left on the table as a constant reminder of my immediate TO DO's. Now mind you, doing all these things also reinforces in my memory the need to get them done. Yes, I said "need."  I am fortunate to be responsible for much more than myself this lifetime. I've realized & accepted that I'm a leader & if I want to accomplish my goals I have to get over it and get 'er done. All of it.
So whats going on you ask ? :)
      Good health, better than ever before for everyone in my family & some of my outer circles!  There are some who are having challenges. I help when I can.
        Gigs are amping up. Some really wonderful ones. We're now going for gig quality, not quantity anymore ! Keep posted here
      I'm writing some cool new stuff. I'm getting more organized with the whole business aspect. I have a wonderful crew of people & new fans around me for awesome support. Networking and making new friends & fans across the planet all the time, thanks to technology.  Getting more airplay on new radio stations across the globe.  Learning how to market better & better , every day in every way. Learning to nap and or meditate again in the afternoons like my ancestors & family in Europe.

Gotta move on to my next task! Have anything to share about how you , manage your time? Let us know so we can learn from each other.  My box has only 3 sides, but its still a box if I need it to be to help me move forward. Remember snow sledding on or in a box ?! :)  Thats the kind of box for me!

:Deborah ❤