Tuesday, November 29, 2011

" It'$ All About Money " video shoot Nov. 27,2011

  Deborah & her son Marco 
   Photo courtesy of Rhonda Cline Photography

Monday, November 28, 2011


          It was an amazing month of creativity !  Yesterday we shot the long anticipated music video for my original song " It'$ All About Money " dedicated to the 99% w/  Director Neal Dhand, & Producer Rick Staropoli both formerly on "Second Story Man".  It was a wonderful collaboration working creatively w/ Neal, & Rick helped us bring our vision together logistically.   
         The cast & technical crew were amazing support for a very important project as were the musicians, my son Marco, Bobby Bond, & Sam Polizzi.  I'm forever grateful & honored to have worked with all of these fine talented people. I'll be posting a complete list of names on the Facebook group site soon. I would also like to extend a special Thanks to Mike Calabrese of "Java's at The Market" for supplying the perfect location to stage our production & Tony Gross of GFI Recording studios for supplying the perfect additions to our musical equipment !                                                                                                Clean Up Woman was a student film project for SUNY Brockport students directed by David Weilert.  We finished up last week.  I enjoyed my first dance on a bar , the first dart game I've played in a bar since the 70's, & my first red shiny pumps w/ red fishnet stockings. I also discovered that I didn't have a little red dress in my closet !  Unbelievable. I used to have one long ago in Los Angeles in the 80's, not sure where it went, however I was glad to discover it was gone.  It gave me a reason to go looking for an updated model.
               Now my first inclination is to always go to the goodwill used clothing store.  I did & I couldn't find one , so I headed for the commercial retail box stores.  Now I'm talking cherry / orange red, bright & rich red, the kind that used to be quite prevalent, along with the cherries too !                                                                   To my amazement I found a noticeable "absence of color". No red to be found in the adult departments in quite a few stores,  but plenty in the kids departments. Now I can fit in to a kids size 14, but there were no cute, sexy red dresses to be found there either, Thank Goodness !
         I wondered why no red in the womyn's dept's. Not just because its fall, but I haven't seen cute red anything in a long time.   Are the dyes too expensive? Is it an empowering color that's not allowed anymore in communist China where most of our clothes are now made or is it a corporate American decision to keep us in military drab?  There's been an incredible amount of browns, grays, & dark blues & greens.  ("Sir! I'll wear something drab, you'll be proud of me! " - Klinger/M*A*S*H*)                       What's your take on the absence of color in American clothing ? I finally did find one in the Madonna clothing line @ Macy's, go figure. There were 4 on the rack only one in my size & every other stitch of clothing around this group on the other racks was black & grey.
Anyway, I digress, :)
 More to come.....

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hardy Mums & Tenacious Americans

The first snow has fallen in Upstate New York, yet the temperatures are varying wildly day to day from the 30's to the 60's. My hardy mums are still in bloom in the front & backyard.  I took this picture above 2 days ago.  It's like winter daisies. Well I never ! This is the first time I've ever seen this at the end of November in Upstate.  I'm very grateful for the bright yellow, maroon & orange that's been lighting up the dreary fall days. Have they manufactured a hardier flower or is it the temperatures fluctuating thats been keeping them alive this late in the season?
      While the mums brighten up the view, the 99%er's protesting are tending to the brightening up of the national spirit.  Their tenacity, strength & activism are giving hope to many in America right now who are suffering & can't join them in the streets. Those in the streets are full of fight, energy & hope & the excitement pushes outward like the rings of water pulsating wider & wider after a stones throw in  a pond.
    This is bad news for the corporations.  They're not liking it at all! They've begun hiring lobbyists whose sole job it is to thwart this movement. They are trying to get the propaganda machine rolling, name calling, trouble making & using every media outlet they own to do it with.  They are pulling the strings behind the Obama administrations orchestration of the crackdown across the country a few days ago.
But they will not succeed. Humans will only be pushed back so far in to the depths of despair before they spring forward & fight back.
      Like the mums in my very  own yard blooming stunningly bright thru the November snow & winds, reaching for the sky, the human spirit, in Egypt , Greece, Italy , Spain, America & elsewhere will continue to rise again & again in increasing numbers until satisfied that justice has been served.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Sleep Well at Night

We each have our favorite ways of sleeping well at night.  Addictive substances should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.  I often practice different forms of meditation depending on what if anything I'm needing to accomplish.  I'm a Virgo. Sleep is often an inconvenience :)  I self-meditate or listen to any number of purposeful or relaxing meditations I have on my ipod or computer or cassette player. Yes I still have one of those. :)
      Also remember to avoid white sugar, caffeine, meat & dairy or anything difficult to digest  after 9pm.  If you would like some suggestions abt meditations , let me know.  In the meantime check out this seminar clip from Esther Hicks about things that can help set you up & lay you down for a peaceful nights sleep.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

America Rising !

     It's an exciting, frustrating, amazing, even yes, spiritual time we're living thru right now.  No longer the lives of our youth we left behind when we seemed to have a more just legal system, more philanthropy, more humanitarian motives, more opportunity & even more time on our hands to spend with friends & family.
    It's incredibly frustrating for many of us to continually hear nothing but bad news every day, on top of people in powerful positions (this includes news(?)casters & journalists)  pushing confusion & fear over the media outlets, looking for real news & hearing about our own American patriots occupying Wall St etc, braving the winter snow & cold to protect our freedoms right here at home.
       I'm choosing to mute the commercials, to look for the news I want to hear & choose some comedy to make me laugh & forget, when I'm feeling overwhelmed. Each day can be our own creation if we choose.
      I'm choosing to "manage my creations" in a positive way. I'm choosing to create my day the way I wish it to be.  I'm choosing to look for things ( & people) that inspire me, like the 99%er's ! I'm choosing to pick my battles, post as much real news on my sites (FB & Twitter), sign as many petitions as possible, support honest candidates for office, invest in honorable companies, teach my children well, & recycle. :) So much to do , so little time. Oh yeah, eat real organic food & REST when I need to.
      Of course the day won't always go as planned.  There'll be situations or people who'll present challenges OR conversely there'll be wonderful unexpected things that can happen.  It's the way we choose to handle those things that'll get us through.  Breathe deep & choose to use strength, love & patience in all dealings.  Choose to take part in creating peace, & prosperity for ALL. Get out to a protest near you if you can.( If not, spread the news)
Choose to participate & vote on election day. Continue & choose to keep Rising Up America !
 :Deborah ❤

Monday, October 31, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Don't be S.A.D. !

          It's so easy to let gloomy weather or dire circumstances bring us down. Weather here in Upstate NY has been very grey & rainy lately.  I've been caring for my sick Father, while working on intense Grammy marketing & recognition, while taking care of kids & home, while working on my music, video production & gigs. We're all battling negativity daily. Some of us locally & now all of us on a global scale w/ justified uprisings reflecting the state of the 99%er's on the entire planet vs Wall St. criminals . There's plenty to be angry & stressed about. However stress & anger can make us sick.
   Today I decided to shift my energies in a more positive direction doing what I knew "I" have control over right now, ME.
         I got back to my regular exercise, which I haven't been doing on a regular basis, only occasionally lately because of my exhausting & mentally stressful schedule. I was able to get back to it today because my Dad is starting to respond to treatment finally & I've been doing daily affirmations (self-hypnosis) telling myself "Every day in every way, I'm ( & Dad's) getting better, better, & better. OR- " I AM NOW doing/eating only things that are good for my body, mind & spirit".  A few days/weeks of this & you can't help but react.
       Usually, I do warm-ups, stretching/yoga, some aerobic (treadmill,karate), some muscle strengthening w/ light weights. It could be a light or a more difficult workout depending on the day & time allowed.
            After finishing I immediately felt the endorphins kick in. My mental mood changed. My posture changed. A shower, (water another energy shifter), & then dressing in pink & orange ! What a shift this made in my whole outlook.
      It's so easy to go inward & withdraw . It's a bit harder to clean out the dark corners & stay positive. Start simple. In the beginning there was the "Word" . Use affirmations daily. Words ARE things ! Focus in on what you need/want in a positive manner,  until you're inspired to act, then get physically moving.  You'll see your world start to change for the better. Decide to BE WELL NOW . ❧
Love, Deborah ❤


Thursday, October 20, 2011

It seems as if corporate politicians both Dem's & Rep's are succeeding , taking jobs away from police, teachers, postal workers. They want to break the public system & services that we pay taxes for so that they can eliminate them & replace them with private companies.  Companies that will have no accountability, no loyalty to American consumers, no more book rate for musicians mailing boxes of cds to fans.

For Your Consideration
54thGrammy Awards!
"Rock & Kick Your Ass Blues!"

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Submitted For  " new Artist" Consideration
Deborah Magone

                                                                   54th GRAMMY AWARDS !

photo by Rhonda Cline Photography !

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Life's A Confidence Game !

(Repeat everyday as often as possible, with feeling)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ok so call me whacky. I had a great harvest from my small garden this weekend. Kale, collards, celery, tomatoes, grapes, swiss chard, cucumbers (finally! I planted late:),purple basil for drying, etc.
     I blanched the collards & froze them last night. I made a large pot of kale,zucchini & bean soup this morning & will juice or bake the rest. The birds beat me to most of the grapes so the little I had was juiced & frozen to use as sweetener in future baking.  Made  juice from my organic carrots & just stowed the rest of my organic cabbage soup in containers. (FYI Cruciferous veggies fight free radicals that can cause cancers, eat them!:)
Now something of interest for you gardeners & basil lovers: Thai basil came back in the garden! Apparently Rochester,NY climate supports it's overwintering.
    The sun is shining, Dad is fed & exercised. I'm going to sit in my wicker rocker on the front porch & get to work. hahaha I guess the harvesting didn't really feel like work, although my 52 yr old back would beg to differ. :)
Pools open for one more week, yeeha!
Hope you've enjoyed the Autumnal Equinox ,


Friday, September 23, 2011

Marshmallows & Riesling

         A few days ago I celebrated my 52nd birthday and yes, clear the room, ...it's time for reflection (yawn). :)   In the 1980's in Los Angeles, a psychic had told me that after I turned 50, things were going to really start looking up for me in regards to the larger picture, my health, larger dreams, & desires.  Since the first 50yrs were very challenging, death, rebirth & struggle, that reading gave me hope.
      Another psychic during that same time period, had told me that no matter how tired I become, to "...keep going, don't ever give up, & you will be successful ".  Well they were both right.
               SO it's what some would call the second half of my life, & yes, things are looking up. My life is much improved yet more challenging at the same time, like it would be for any business owner and at 52, I'm getting a little tired & sometimes I feel success is a truly a relevant term. Then I try  to remember an inspirational song phrase or something of that nature & I'm sustained for a few more minutes.

      It's also become easy lately to become exhausted & disconnected. People & places do come & go so quickly now & the demands on time & energy can be overwhelming.  Caffeine & meds have taken over a large portion of American society that now doesn't know when it needs to chill.
    I've noticed that this year, more than ever, a lot of people are very tired, very sad, angry, frustrated, scared . It's manifesting in illness for so many & for some it's resulting in passing. As a matter of fact, I've noticed one of the things often said by those passing before they go is, " I'm tired".
              Every so often I realize the need to slow myself down, & water the roses.  My poor gardens suffer most obviously when I'm running around too much & watering is very therapeutic for me.
        Well it's one of those times. Feeling the shifting of the axis & life hurling out of control for many, I'm trying to make sure that everyday I do something, even if its only "one" thing, that makes me feel good, laugh or relax and/or brings me one step closer to or thru what ever's bothering me to what ever it is I'm passionate abt.
       I noticed long ago , when I was practicing yoga & meditation at 12, that being still , I could create in that moment, whatever I wanted that moment to be. I could have quiet, I could make myself relax, get rid of a headache, ask questions & listen for inner guidance. I would dream abt the kind of life I wanted or create a song or an idea for a new invention.  I would get grounded & organized more easily, & I could even find the checkbook when it went missing!
          When we feel physical or emotional discomfort it usually means somethings up.  It's our internal system giving us a warning. If we're loaded on stimulants or other addictive substances , or we never have quiet time, we can't hear a thing.
            It's very very important to pause, get centered & get grounded & listen. Do something everyday for your mental & physical health.  Find nutrition that gives you energy (fruits & veggies) & exercise that makes you feel good.  Yoga, tai chi, stretching, meditation to still your mind, help you relax & listen. Martial Arts, jogging, biking, swimming to energize you (believe me you will rest & sleep soundly at nite :)
      Another of my favorite things to do is sit by the fire outside solo or with friends, roast a few marshmallows & sip a very little bit of Riesling, w/ my gong & fountain gently sounding in the breeze, watching the embers glow & hopefully catch the moon & a few stars as we turn ever so silently on our axis.  What are some of your favorite things to do to relax ( besides sleep :) ?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Submitted For Your Consideration
Deborah Magone
 " Best New Artist" 

54th Grammy Awards!


Corporate Double STandards

FBI Raids Home of Scott Walker's Former Top Aide

"... two years' probation after pleading guilty to two felony violations of state campaign finance laws for exceeding the donation limits and laundering donations to Walker and other Wisconsin politicians."http://www.readersupportednews.org/news-section2/315-19/7447-fbi-raids-home-of-scott-walkers-former-top-aide

Gov. Scott Walker & ALL those corporate tools like him have been trashing good public servants for decades now , building propaganda in the media (mostly on FOX fake news) & local newspapers against, teachers, police persons, firemen & women, & other public employees, cutting public services that many Americans depend on.  As you now know they've been enriching their own bank accounts , constantly abusing & literally stealing our tax dollars to enrich themselves & leave America broken.
     This article gave me a ray of hope this morning that there may still be some good left in American law enforcement. More hope will come when Walker & others like him at the "top" of the government crime ladders are prosecuted & brought to justice.
Remember, election season is upon us.  Vote the record not the personality , the pearly whites or the hair piece.
Check your candidates voting record here.
Public Citizen Access to Justice, Financial Reform and Government Accountability

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chillin after the Fallout

Ok so hearin' abt the aftermath of the Republican debate & how the candidates thought it's all abt "freedom" to be able to let a young man in a coma die  because he didn't have insurance & that he should buck up & be responsible for his coma, (despicable applause from the audience) , I thought to myself...hmmm ...I wonder what the Dems would say when asked the same question?
         Then I thought, well, they'd more than likely say we should have " a healthcare system that covers ALL Americans" (which is not really a plan or an answer; i.e. could be code for a "privatized plan").        
          After all they've been conceding to most demands made by corporate & they (Dems) have been allowing the continuation of Bush (Republican) practices, destroying the economy & now unions & the U.S. Postal Service, still killing innocent American soldiers, Afghans & Iraqi's w/ drones, Patriot Act & no accountability for any corporation or anyone in leadership, anywhere.
       Could it be that both parties are pretending to play the  "good cop- bad cop " game in order to keep us voting for one & then the other when one fails ?  You know they often break bread together, take money from the same lobbyists & belong to the same social clubs SO, what do you think ?
      Isn't it time to start breaking the chain & start voting for the only party that chooses NOT take corporate bribes or join clubs that would allow members that do ?  I say run for office as a Green & if you can't run , then vote Green from now on & see things really change......for the better.
Going to go chill & watch The Nanny & get some laughs in before sleep.