Friday, September 16, 2011

Corporate Double STandards

FBI Raids Home of Scott Walker's Former Top Aide

"... two years' probation after pleading guilty to two felony violations of state campaign finance laws for exceeding the donation limits and laundering donations to Walker and other Wisconsin politicians."

Gov. Scott Walker & ALL those corporate tools like him have been trashing good public servants for decades now , building propaganda in the media (mostly on FOX fake news) & local newspapers against, teachers, police persons, firemen & women, & other public employees, cutting public services that many Americans depend on.  As you now know they've been enriching their own bank accounts , constantly abusing & literally stealing our tax dollars to enrich themselves & leave America broken.
     This article gave me a ray of hope this morning that there may still be some good left in American law enforcement. More hope will come when Walker & others like him at the "top" of the government crime ladders are prosecuted & brought to justice.
Remember, election season is upon us.  Vote the record not the personality , the pearly whites or the hair piece.
Check your candidates voting record here.
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