Monday, September 26, 2011

Ok so call me whacky. I had a great harvest from my small garden this weekend. Kale, collards, celery, tomatoes, grapes, swiss chard, cucumbers (finally! I planted late:),purple basil for drying, etc.
     I blanched the collards & froze them last night. I made a large pot of kale,zucchini & bean soup this morning & will juice or bake the rest. The birds beat me to most of the grapes so the little I had was juiced & frozen to use as sweetener in future baking.  Made  juice from my organic carrots & just stowed the rest of my organic cabbage soup in containers. (FYI Cruciferous veggies fight free radicals that can cause cancers, eat them!:)
Now something of interest for you gardeners & basil lovers: Thai basil came back in the garden! Apparently Rochester,NY climate supports it's overwintering.
    The sun is shining, Dad is fed & exercised. I'm going to sit in my wicker rocker on the front porch & get to work. hahaha I guess the harvesting didn't really feel like work, although my 52 yr old back would beg to differ. :)
Pools open for one more week, yeeha!
Hope you've enjoyed the Autumnal Equinox ,


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