Friday, September 23, 2011

Marshmallows & Riesling

         A few days ago I celebrated my 52nd birthday and yes, clear the room,'s time for reflection (yawn). :)   In the 1980's in Los Angeles, a psychic had told me that after I turned 50, things were going to really start looking up for me in regards to the larger picture, my health, larger dreams, & desires.  Since the first 50yrs were very challenging, death, rebirth & struggle, that reading gave me hope.
      Another psychic during that same time period, had told me that no matter how tired I become, to "...keep going, don't ever give up, & you will be successful ".  Well they were both right.
               SO it's what some would call the second half of my life, & yes, things are looking up. My life is much improved yet more challenging at the same time, like it would be for any business owner and at 52, I'm getting a little tired & sometimes I feel success is a truly a relevant term. Then I try  to remember an inspirational song phrase or something of that nature & I'm sustained for a few more minutes.

      It's also become easy lately to become exhausted & disconnected. People & places do come & go so quickly now & the demands on time & energy can be overwhelming.  Caffeine & meds have taken over a large portion of American society that now doesn't know when it needs to chill.
    I've noticed that this year, more than ever, a lot of people are very tired, very sad, angry, frustrated, scared . It's manifesting in illness for so many & for some it's resulting in passing. As a matter of fact, I've noticed one of the things often said by those passing before they go is, " I'm tired".
              Every so often I realize the need to slow myself down, & water the roses.  My poor gardens suffer most obviously when I'm running around too much & watering is very therapeutic for me.
        Well it's one of those times. Feeling the shifting of the axis & life hurling out of control for many, I'm trying to make sure that everyday I do something, even if its only "one" thing, that makes me feel good, laugh or relax and/or brings me one step closer to or thru what ever's bothering me to what ever it is I'm passionate abt.
       I noticed long ago , when I was practicing yoga & meditation at 12, that being still , I could create in that moment, whatever I wanted that moment to be. I could have quiet, I could make myself relax, get rid of a headache, ask questions & listen for inner guidance. I would dream abt the kind of life I wanted or create a song or an idea for a new invention.  I would get grounded & organized more easily, & I could even find the checkbook when it went missing!
          When we feel physical or emotional discomfort it usually means somethings up.  It's our internal system giving us a warning. If we're loaded on stimulants or other addictive substances , or we never have quiet time, we can't hear a thing.
            It's very very important to pause, get centered & get grounded & listen. Do something everyday for your mental & physical health.  Find nutrition that gives you energy (fruits & veggies) & exercise that makes you feel good.  Yoga, tai chi, stretching, meditation to still your mind, help you relax & listen. Martial Arts, jogging, biking, swimming to energize you (believe me you will rest & sleep soundly at nite :)
      Another of my favorite things to do is sit by the fire outside solo or with friends, roast a few marshmallows & sip a very little bit of Riesling, w/ my gong & fountain gently sounding in the breeze, watching the embers glow & hopefully catch the moon & a few stars as we turn ever so silently on our axis.  What are some of your favorite things to do to relax ( besides sleep :) ?

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