Monday, October 31, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Don't be S.A.D. !

          It's so easy to let gloomy weather or dire circumstances bring us down. Weather here in Upstate NY has been very grey & rainy lately.  I've been caring for my sick Father, while working on intense Grammy marketing & recognition, while taking care of kids & home, while working on my music, video production & gigs. We're all battling negativity daily. Some of us locally & now all of us on a global scale w/ justified uprisings reflecting the state of the 99%er's on the entire planet vs Wall St. criminals . There's plenty to be angry & stressed about. However stress & anger can make us sick.
   Today I decided to shift my energies in a more positive direction doing what I knew "I" have control over right now, ME.
         I got back to my regular exercise, which I haven't been doing on a regular basis, only occasionally lately because of my exhausting & mentally stressful schedule. I was able to get back to it today because my Dad is starting to respond to treatment finally & I've been doing daily affirmations (self-hypnosis) telling myself "Every day in every way, I'm ( & Dad's) getting better, better, & better. OR- " I AM NOW doing/eating only things that are good for my body, mind & spirit".  A few days/weeks of this & you can't help but react.
       Usually, I do warm-ups, stretching/yoga, some aerobic (treadmill,karate), some muscle strengthening w/ light weights. It could be a light or a more difficult workout depending on the day & time allowed.
            After finishing I immediately felt the endorphins kick in. My mental mood changed. My posture changed. A shower, (water another energy shifter), & then dressing in pink & orange ! What a shift this made in my whole outlook.
      It's so easy to go inward & withdraw . It's a bit harder to clean out the dark corners & stay positive. Start simple. In the beginning there was the "Word" . Use affirmations daily. Words ARE things ! Focus in on what you need/want in a positive manner,  until you're inspired to act, then get physically moving.  You'll see your world start to change for the better. Decide to BE WELL NOW . ❧
Love, Deborah ❤


Thursday, October 20, 2011

It seems as if corporate politicians both Dem's & Rep's are succeeding , taking jobs away from police, teachers, postal workers. They want to break the public system & services that we pay taxes for so that they can eliminate them & replace them with private companies.  Companies that will have no accountability, no loyalty to American consumers, no more book rate for musicians mailing boxes of cds to fans.

For Your Consideration
54thGrammy Awards!
"Rock & Kick Your Ass Blues!"

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Submitted For  " new Artist" Consideration
Deborah Magone

                                                                   54th GRAMMY AWARDS !
photo by Rhonda Cline Photography !

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Life's A Confidence Game !

(Repeat everyday as often as possible, with feeling)