Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Don't be S.A.D. !

          It's so easy to let gloomy weather or dire circumstances bring us down. Weather here in Upstate NY has been very grey & rainy lately.  I've been caring for my sick Father, while working on intense Grammy marketing & recognition, while taking care of kids & home, while working on my music, video production & gigs. We're all battling negativity daily. Some of us locally & now all of us on a global scale w/ justified uprisings reflecting the state of the 99%er's on the entire planet vs Wall St. criminals . There's plenty to be angry & stressed about. However stress & anger can make us sick.
   Today I decided to shift my energies in a more positive direction doing what I knew "I" have control over right now, ME.
         I got back to my regular exercise, which I haven't been doing on a regular basis, only occasionally lately because of my exhausting & mentally stressful schedule. I was able to get back to it today because my Dad is starting to respond to treatment finally & I've been doing daily affirmations (self-hypnosis) telling myself "Every day in every way, I'm ( & Dad's) getting better, better, & better. OR- " I AM NOW doing/eating only things that are good for my body, mind & spirit".  A few days/weeks of this & you can't help but react.
       Usually, I do warm-ups, stretching/yoga, some aerobic (treadmill,karate), some muscle strengthening w/ light weights. It could be a light or a more difficult workout depending on the day & time allowed.
            After finishing I immediately felt the endorphins kick in. My mental mood changed. My posture changed. A shower, (water another energy shifter), & then dressing in pink & orange ! What a shift this made in my whole outlook.
      It's so easy to go inward & withdraw . It's a bit harder to clean out the dark corners & stay positive. Start simple. In the beginning there was the "Word" . Use affirmations daily. Words ARE things ! Focus in on what you need/want in a positive manner,  until you're inspired to act, then get physically moving.  You'll see your world start to change for the better. Decide to BE WELL NOW . ❧
Love, Deborah ❤


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