Monday, December 24, 2012

A Traumatic Memory in a Folgers Commercial? LOL !!

"My Front Door"
photo by D. Magone Solstice 2012
    As of today I'm officially on vacation.  I'm preparing to make a change this new year and step aside from the marketing (oh so last 2 years :), and work on my writing full tilt. Time for the next cd! More details later.
     Its been quite busy since I last wrote. Pretty nonstop since I got off the plane last November with family, work, & other business ventures, so I've yet to complete my 2nd entry about our Los Angeles trip for the LA Music Awards. But please hang tight, the rest of the tale is worth the wait. First I had to share this.
      This evening while I'm waiting to prepare crab claws for our Xmas eve supper, I opened my computer to look at photos from last weekends gig at Finger Lakes Casino in Upstate New York.  Of course as I logged on I happened to see a curious headline for a video "Rejected Folgers Coffee Commercial" and I just had to look. I couldn't believe what I saw! A traumatic memory resurfaced from our first LA trip in September.  LOL!! At first I began to laugh, then as the commercial progressed and I saw what happened to the poor guy in this commercial I thought, "That could've happened to me !!" My palms began to sweat, ......
        Now if you have not read my previous post titled

, please STOP HERE & go read it FIRST in order to get a bigger laugh from what you're about to see.  Then come back and watch this video & put me in this guys place.  Ooohh my !!

May Peace & Love prevail throughout the New Year !
Happy SolstiChrismaHanuKwanzika !!

Love :Deborah❤

Sunday, December 02, 2012

The Needs of the Many.......

Winter hardy Mums from my front yard. D.Magone 2012

     I'm recently going inward again to reach more outward. Getting back to writing, & recording vs trying to beat down local venue doors for spiritually unrewarding gigs. I've been doing that for a long time because it was my local safety zone. No pressure or deadlines, singing other peoples tunes while interweaving a few of my own. Yawn.....I've lived on both coasts but always did the same; tried to be a big fish in a small safe pond. That theory doesn't work when my purpose is global.
       For some its perfect, but for others like myself its just not. I admit that it goes in waves or cycles.  You must spend time reaching out locally for many reasons, however at some point you must retreat, create & push outward on a global level as well.  Feel the fear & do it anyway. Use your gifts to serve others globally. " The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few "- Spock "Or the one"- Kirk.

Best Wishes to all of us global enthusiasts regardless of career, for continued successful service to others on a global scale !

Deborah Magone

Monday, November 19, 2012

The LA Music Awards Nov. 15, 2012 & Nominating Party

    "LA Music Awards Nov.15, 2012- Deborah playing the crowd "                                                   Photo courtesy of Rhonda Cline Photography
         It seems as if it were just yesterday when I was looking for an appropriate avenue to help me get my music out to the world & to the next level. I realized that I had to get back out in to the world & hunt it down because it certainly wasn't  happening the other way around, no matter how many hours I  spent marketing on social web media .
      It was 2011 when I learned about & submitted my cd to the Los Angeles Music Awards.  I found out in early 2012 that I would be one of 7 of the over 10,000 acts submitted,  to play on the stage at the historic Hollywood Palace, now renamed The Avalon Theatre. I also found out that I'd be receiving "Producers Choice Award for Best Female Rock  Performer!"
       I was very excited not only at the prospect of playing for successful music industry professionals. It was amazingly synchronistic that I'd be performing at this theatre formerly known as the Hollywood Palace, my former place of employment 30 years before! I was the front the door bouncer there in 1983-1984 !
      I took the job not only to pay my rent on Santa Monica Beach, but to be close to established musicians & industry professionals. I'd stand at that front door taking tickets or fighting with unruly famous & wealthy patrons , gazing at the artists onstage inside the club wishing it was me on that stage.          I used to hope that an industry executive would engage in conversation, find out what a talent I was & make me a rock star!  Oy, dream on. Standing in one spot only grows rust & dust.
       I will never regret the friendships made & the strength I gained to deal with any situation (getting jumped by 3 unhappy patrons being one of them & getting verbally abused every so often by some of the rich & famous, but after a while it was time to move on. It was about the time we started having to carry guns. $7/hr was not worth getting threatened everyday. Fast forward to 2012.

        Last September - my Executive Assistant Suzanne Fava & I headed out to Hollywood for the LA Music Awards nominating party at The Whiskey A GoGo.  I was excited at the thought of returning to LA, but with a sprained, painful & swollen ankle. I looked up the metaphysical implications & it referred to not having enough joy & pleasure in ones life. Ok , that made sense. I've been working harder this year than ever before & did need to add more fun in my life.

      The flight was long & we arrived as it grew dark, ankle throbbing from running to connecting flights.  Was flying ever fun? We arrived at my friends house, tired but excited. We reached the front door & my friend called to see where we were and to tell me he was on his way home.  The door was locked so he told us to go in the back door which he left open for us.  We did and I began to cook in order to make supper before he returned home from work as a "thank you" for having us.
         I was making a delicious Italian dish with pasta & sauted broccoli in olive oil, the smell of garlic was everywhere! My friend who picked us up at the airport had left, Suzanne had gone to the grocery store. I sat for a moment while the water was boiling, admiring the upgrade they'd done in the condo in the last 10 yrs since I'd been there. My phone was on the charger since I arrived & I picked it up to check messages. There was a message from my friend. "Where are you? I think you're in the wrong house!"
        Turns out I was in the wrong house! I had no idea  I called him freaking out just a bit & asked if I should leave a note with the food and he said they were quarreling with these people & they weren't very nice, so I begged him to come help me get our luggage out of there while I frantically cleaned.
         If ever there was a "Lucy" moment in my life, that was it. I scrambled to clean pots & pans, utensils. By the way,  I threw every bit of food into plastic grocery store bags & tried to clean up as best I could. My mind was racing in a surreal sort of way. What would I say if they walked in ?!! "Hi! You've won a complimentary meal from Iron Chef & I'm your host/chef for the evening, straight from New York?" I pictured myself in handcuffs! OY!!
     I cleaned as quickly and as best I could. I knew there were small things out of place like the herbs in the cupboard I'd used. I imagined the wife yelling at her husband or kids for leaving those things out of place. I had a mental chuckle & then thought , well thats what you get for leaving the back door open!!!     I then ran to my friends house, which was actually right next door. The buildings were exactly the same, same builder, identical except for the color. AND did I mention the back door WAS OPEN ?!!!  Jeez.
      We sat down, totally out of breath, heart racing , laughing til it hurt & tears were flowing.  All of a sudden I sat up in shock & realized I'd left a fennel salad  in the refrigerator! This time Suzanne went with me. She grabbed a few pieces of trash & a cup I'd missed while I took broccoli stems out of the garbage, got the fennel salad & washed the bowl. The house was spotless when we arrived & we tried our best to leave it that way. So glad I didn't hop in the shower before starting dinner. OMGosh we fell asleep laughing so hard that night and for the rest of the weekend for that matter.
       We had a great time at the Whiskey meeting other nominees/artists, making new friends, listening to music & visiting with old friends we hadn't seen in many years.  After we returned to Rochester I was going down my house stairs when I realized my ankle pain & swelling was completely gone. Magic? I don't think so, more like a remedy, the best belly laugh I've had in decades.
      The main event , the LA Music Awards was held just a few days ago, Nov 15. We had an amazing time & had some life changing experiences.  I'll continue the adventure in my next post.
      Questions? Similar adventures? Have you ever gone in to the wrong house & cooked a meal in a strangers kitchen? LMK -  idiocy loves company.:) LOL
 Still laughing - the BEST medicine of all !

:Deborah ♥

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Help The Deborah Magone Band Get to the LA Music Awards !

SO its nearing time to go to  the LA MUSIC AWARDS ! I've had a difficult time with this last part of our fundraising.  Its very hard, because of my conditioning growing up, to ask for money.  But as I've grown older I realized it's an energy and we're here to help each other when we can & that there's actually abundance everywhere if we could just allow it.


The purpose of this campaign is to ask you to help us get the entire Deborah Magone Band from Rochestser, NY to Hollywood, CA so we can attend the prestigious Los Angeles Music Awards where we've been asked to perform & will be recognized for my cd Alternate Realities !
      I’ve been singing & playing music most of my life, I’m very passionate about it. I’m also a mom, a wife, a student, a senior caregiver, however my primary profession is musician, singer, & songwriter since 1978.
        I truly believe that music is a global language, a healing force that can be used for much good in the world. I write & play music with a message to rock my listeners & bring a message of love, playfulness, hope, & healing to a global audience. I often find fans telling me that I'm singing about things that they feel and think deeply about.                                                                                                                                                I went to Hollywood in the 1980’s to pursue a music career.  I made some wonderful friends,played w/  Grammy award winning musicians, did a little acting & teaching to support my music ,met my husband, & started a family.  Then I left LA with unfinished goals to come home to Upstate NY to rejoin our extended family & care for aging parents..                                                                                                                                              Last year I finally created my first all original cd called “Alternate Realities. “ A huge milestone for me at 52!  It’s a blues rock cd that kicks you’re arse, lifts you up, & speaks to the human condition. It’s been getting great reviews & it was up for Grammy consideration last fall! This year my new music video “It’s All About Money” will be up for Grammy consideration as well.
      I’d been searching for more ways to bring my music to a wider live audience & as a result I’ve been given a wonderful opportunity !  My new cd " Alternate Realities " has been nominated for Best Rock Album & my new music video “It’s All About Money” for Best Rock Video at the LA Music Awards in Hollywood, California in November , next month!   I’ve also been awarded  “Producers Choice Award for Best Female Rock Musician 2012!” Stevie wonder will be the guest of honor among other distinguished guests.
        My band and I have been asked to play at this prestigious event being held at the Avalon Theater . Only 7 out of tens of thousands of acts who applied , will be allowed to perform !  This event will be packed with the people & the opportunities that will allow me to follow my dream of  becoming a successful global recording artist !
       There’s an amazing but weird twist of fate here, in that the Avalon theater was where I worked as a front door bouncer to help pay my rent , when I first went to Hollywood. It was called the Hollywood Palace back then. I used to dream about playing that stage while standing at the front door , getting abused by the often drunk customers & gazing in to the club thinking ‘one day that’ll be me’. To come full circle this way & to even think about walking in to that lobby again & performing on that stage for the music awards after 20 yrs is pretty astounding.
    A  contribution of any amount is incredibly appreciated & anything you can give will help to make this dream a reality & WE Thank YOU!
We’ve come up with different levels of donation, but please feel free to donate any amount you wish.  Every dollar gets us one step closer. We have what we think are some great incentives, including downloads,  merchandise, personal performances, handmade jewelry & for the top level contribution a seat at DMBands table at the LA MUSIC AWARDS! I will be documenting my return to the "Palace Theatre" so we will also offer dvd copies of that experience.
Money will be used for travel expenses, plane tickets, van rental, gas, accommodations, food , equipment insurance & rental for 7 people for 4days.
 I’ll be donating 10% of anything we receive over our $6,000 goal to the orphans of war. The rest of any money beyond our goal will be used to begin recording the next cd of “music with a message.”
We Thank You from the bottom of our hearts ! ❤
The Deborah Magone Band:
:Deborah Magone, Jimmy Whitaker, James Wright & Greg Andrews! - Roch.,NY

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

FREE Deborah Magone App for Androids !

Download my FREE App for Androids NOW !! Its verrry cool ! My music at your finger tips!

1346186383_deb_photo-by-michael_riveraI thought WOW this is a great way to have us within your personal reach for FREE.  "Deep In Your Heart" written by Bob Russel & myself is for sale as a single release this past year on CDBaby, but now YOU can get it FREE along with "Queen Bee" & " It's All About Money" the new music video up for 55th GRAMMY consideration & LA Music Award nomination,with this Reverbnation mobile app ! I could only afford the android app this year, unfortunately Apple is much too expensive to create right now so apologies iPhone users :).
Download it, check it out, spread the word, & let me know what you think!

:Deborah ❤

Sully's Brickyard Pub: HIRE MY HERO Launch

Sully's Brickyard Pub: HIRE MY HERO Launch: Call Cap'n Dan @ 755-5522 The secret is out! A new trusted directory, listing Fire Fighter owned businesses and tradesmen, is about to b...

I'm back at Sully's, acoustic solo !

October 26 (Fri.)
Summers over & its a return to Sully's Happy Hour !
5:30 - 8:30pm

Sunday, August 26, 2012

YOU WILL Achieve What You Believe !

    This entire year's been very busy & chaotic, but at the same time very exhilerating . Yin-yang, up-down, positive-negative, happy-sad, push-pull.    Another quickening however faster than the one the year before. 
I'm feeling a great amount of gratitude for all the people, places & situations that have been coming in to my life.  The energy is getting more uplifting & positive than ever before. I'm taking even more of a creators role knowing that , yes its up to each of us to create the life & the circle of people we want around us, we choose.  Choose BIG!  Go for the dream no matter how expansive. Someone did it before you, it can be done again even bigger & better.
      At the same time I remember always that we’re here to serve, to teach, to work together ,to be the example while we follow & create our dreams & passions , not at the expense of, as some religions would have you think.
      Money is only the root of evil when its gotten by & used for evil deeds. It's an energy that we humans use to facilitate all kinds of wonderful deeds & things to create even more of a quality of life for everyone who truly desires it.  
     The quote about it being hard for millionaires to enter the kingdom of God "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." (Matthew 19:24) is something that churches used to divest people of their money to put them in a submissive & obedient state & enrich the church itself .                                              I believe it to mean those that are overly distracted & attached to material things will have a hard time seeing the real wonders & purpose of  our existence.  You can still be wealthy & connected to your purpose.  
      These are some of the issues that have held many of my generation back from a life of abundance, health, & happiness. Thus the disparity between the financially wealthy (1%) and the poor in America (99%). The “Secret” that the church hides & the lie it perpetuates to keep the masses in line & forever enamored.
I speak from experience when I say that we humans are very powerful. We must be very careful of our thoughts & actions. What we believe (& even think ), we conceive. Many of us now know what stressful thoughts & anger can do.  These thoughts & emotions can cause every illness known to humans, as well as accidents, all leading to death unless you stop.
Choose BIG!  Choose positive ! Go for the dream no matter how expansive. The kingdom of God is within YOU. You , along with the help of those you will attract like you with similar desires, have the power to make all your desires come true.  If you have the desire, sharp focus (belief), & use positive loving action (in thoughts, words & deeds) toward your goals,  YOU WILL achieve what you believe ! Be careful what you ask for because the reverse (negativity & anger resulting in much sadness) is also true ! 


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Where Is the Arts Funding to Create a Collective Sense of Beauty and Meaning in America?

                                                                              Photo "Deborah's Quilting" by DM

        "Is America's national artistic identity the cultural equivalent of pink slime?"

 "Societies never know it, but the war of an artist with his society is ... to make freedom real." For Baldwin, Olorunda says "art ... is a revolutionary act, a production of resistance for transformation."

         THIS is why I'm an Artist. This is why if you are an Artist, no matter the genre, Music, Fine Art, Writing (poetry, literature), Craftsperson, Fiber Arts, Quilting, you must read this article Where Is the Arts Funding to Create a Collective Sense of Beauty and Meaning in America?  by Max Eternity (Eternity Group)

Monday, June 18, 2012

" It'$ All About Money " is HERE !!

Watch it and click "LIKE" & please leave a comment then share it !

Monday, May 28, 2012

" Memorial Day, a day for a Nation-wide prayer for peace." (64 Stat.158) US Congress 1950

This is a picture of a wonderful area of Upstate NY where I enjoy working out.
It's amazing that the powers that be here have kept it beautiful & building free all these many years.  They have started charging a parking fee though.  Regardless, its still awesome & I don't mind supporting local public spaces.                                                                                               "Requesting the President to issue a proclamation designating May 30, Memorial Day, as a day for a Nation-wide prayer for peace." (64 Stat.158) - 1950 Joint Resolution of United States Congress
An article that expresses how I feel most Memorial Days.
When someone says "Happy Memorial Day" I often wonder if they think about the real significance of this day.  I also often wondered why people celebrate & why we allowed corporations to turn it into a "sale-a-thon" shopping day. Speaking of social consciousness ;
            my new music video premiere of “  It’s All About Money” is upon us , June 10th at the Water St. Music  Hall in Rochester, NY from 1 – 3pm !  Here's the event page with information & photos  on Facebook.

    The video was made locally with homegrown talent !  It will be submitted for Grammy consideration right after the release and nominated along with my cd at the Los Angeles Music Awards in November . We've been chosen out of over 10,000 submissions to be 1 of  7 acts performing on stage , where Stevie Wonder will be in attendance & receiving an award at the Avalon Theatre in Hollywood !  
        Come & meet  the artists who made this wonderful music video happen on June 10th .
       Also, The Deborah Magone Band is on the loose again ! June 8 at Woody’s II  in Henrietta , NY

:Deborah ☮  ♥

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A shout out to Rachel Maddow.
      I'm a huge fan since your radio days.  I tuned in every day to you & Randi Rhodes & heard every piece of news that existed that day in the small time frame of your shows, while every other news service was regurgitating corporate sound bites. You & Randi packed it in & I didn't need to go anywhere else.
       I was very happy for you when you got the tv spot on MSNBC. I was happy for  Ed too :) Finally a counter point to Faux News. I just watched your last show online while running on my treadmill this morning because Keith as you know is off the air right now.
   You still got it girl, but unfortunately a bit less on the info side. Whats Up Rachel?  ExxonMobil commercials (major corporate criminals responsible for many deaths worldwide) on your website & tv channel.  Not calling out both sides (Obama ) like you used to. You showed Mr. Obama on the campaign trail in Maine etc. saying how GM profits after the bailout are the best in history. This is true. Yes, General Motors is riding high, however I never heard an interview from even one senior retiree (like my Dad) about why GM is riding so high.
           How their fake bankruptcy was created by them & our corporate government (DEM & REP's), to shed millions of pensioners health benefits (that retirees paid into!), lower wages  & eliminate pensions for new employees.  Why are you not talking about this? I know silly question.
        Obama in his speech spoke of health coverage for ANY illness. This is also true. But Rachel, why haven't you commented, like you used to do, that "any illness" was a trade off for the lack of a cap on what the insurance companies are allowed to charge now?  My Dad (Korean war vet) who had his coverage revoked by GM now has to pay increasing amounts, some which double, EVERY YEAR ! Your rebuttles used to be shot across the bough within seconds.
       I now have to resume my search for a FULL coverage of the nations news or get back to doing it myself.  Bummer. Rachel is it possible to have a  radio show too ?  I believe that would be our only chance at survival in America. Without full news coverage we will only create more victims of corporate greed in America. How long will the rising continue before we are an open society again ?
Whats Really Up Rachel ?   
      SO ... since my last post I've been resting up the vocal cords,  writing some new music & preparing for the release of my new music video "It's All About Money" on June 10, 2012 at Water Street Music Hall here in ROChester, NY.
      I've met a new Vocal Therapist Brad Chapman from Utah who's been helping me with some exercises designed to keep my cords (Abbott & Costello:) happy. They're healing well & I'm looking forward to a busy & productive summer ! See my updated calendar at
   I've started the veggie garden planting peppers, salads (romaine, ruby red ), tomatoes, potatoes, herbs (basil, rosemary, dill) & more, all organic.  The grape vines & cherry trees have grown rapidly since last year. The bats are back to keep the mosquitoes in check.
    The NATO protests in Chicago are an example of what's to come this year.  It's going to be life changing for many so hold on to your britches.  My heart goes out to many , while my soul tries to maintain balance so that I can continue to be of assistance.  Remember to take care of yourself first, so that if you're inclined, you can help others through this major year of transition.
I've discovered a Wim Wenders movie just now on TCM called "Wings of Desire" with Peter Falk & Bruno Ganz.  It's a film of dark poetry & dark humor, very captivating........

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


  Whew, what a weekend ! This past weekend I was challenged in a few ways that made me more uncomfortable than I've been in a while.  But the journey nevertheless was amazing.
          I have some polyps on my vocal cords.  My Dr. told me that it was nothing serious, however I need vocal rest OR ELSE, if they're not gone in 6 wks we'll have to talk about "other options", he said.
    "I have a 4 hour gig coming up in a few days", I told him.  He paused. I could see by the worried look on his face that I was really pushing the envelope here.  Flirting with foolishness & the threat of surgery. I really hate to cancel a gig.  I enjoy it, my fans enjoy themselves, & like everyone else in the lower middle class, I have bills that need to be paid.
           I consoled him (& myself) that I'd get some help. That I'd invite friends to play & that I would extend my guitar solos to take up more time.  I secretly hoped it would work out that way, however, as musicians ( & the bomb squad) know, there are never ANY guarantees. He agreed with a nervous laugh, not very reassuring I thought.  He smelled my fear. It wouldn't be the first time someone thought me a nut.
   Well I sent out invites & the eve of the gig had started slow.  I figured I'd tread water , feel the fear and do it anyway.  The Universe would provide & worse case scenario I go silent for the rest of the week to make amends if I ended up singing the whole gig that night.
           Thankfully, gradually friends & fans began to show up & the musical support was awesome.  Chris Moore a local friend & artist from Brockport NY was the first to step up.

 Later musician friend & former WSAY radio DJ Kevin DeHond ,

 then bassist & booking agent Bryan Juda came to lend a hand.

     I was so very grateful & incredibly touched by the support of such good musician friends. Those that were there to listen were also very supportive of my slightly less growly vocals (especially while singing Janis:) & they were wonderfully supportive of the guest artists.  Those who stayed till the end helped me wrap up equipment & load the car. My least favorite part of the gig.
      I slept in peace like a rock that night. Remember I'm a bit " 'round the bend" , having been doing this for more than a few decades now. I was thinking I'd rest the voice over the next few days & all is well with the world. As luck would have it the next day I was taxi Mom, running around quite a bit & tired. The shopping malls fluorescent lites making me agitated, driving, walking, driving some more.
        I finally got home @ 4pm ish, slipped in to something more comfortable, sat down on the couch, pulled my warm Mexican blanket up over my legs on the way to my shoulders & the phone rang.  I wasn't going to answer, but they continued to call on both phones so I knew it had to be trouble.
         It was a friend needing assistance. I got dressed again, and flew out the door. Suffice it to say that what could've been a bad situation turned out with a happy ending.  Everyone , strangers included, from diverse backgrounds, pitching in to help this friend in need, who's house had been broken into.      No entry or theft, just a brick, a lot of broken glass & trash strewn everywhere.  Even the kids were helping.  Disclosure; I had to do a lot of wrangling to get them to help. So my voice was worse for the wear, aarrgggh......
       The group effort to help someone, people coming together once again, really hit home for me.  The next day wasn't much calmer. However when that days challenges presented themselves, all I had to do was to look back at the few days prior  & reflect on a small group of  amazing human beings here & what had transpired. The ripple effect couldn't help but affect my attitude, as tired as I was, in a positive way.
         You see these were not life or death or dramatic situations which would've been a clear choice to help for most.  These were situations some would've found annoying or yucky (nasty trash) & could've easily been shrugged off, yet these folks were willing to be of service on a weekend no less.
      Humans are truly amazing people & if treated respectfully will do unto others as has been done unto them, most of the time.  Even if treated badly there are those that will continue on doing good deeds without reward or need for recognition, nurses & public servants come to mind.
       My faith was reaffirmed this weekend & I'm honored, grateful & wanted to recognize the truly good people & energy in my life. I'll do my part, & pass on the energy that I was privileged to be a part of this weekend.
     :Deborah ♥

Another disclosure; I did promise the kids a reward. I'll be bringing back a few gallons of various varieties of ice cream on my next visit.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Band

                                                                                      photo by Connie Baliva

         We had a great gig at the Sticky Lips BBQ in Rochester, NY.  The band rocked, the audience swayed, the food astounded. The energy was tangible , and we made some great memories & new fans.
    John Struble (drums) & James Wright (bass) were sitting in for the first time & Jimmy Whitaker (guitar) was on his second.  They all played amazingly .  I'm very fortunate to be in such company.
      We mic'd my small Marshall JCM w/ the 10" speaker. It fit the bill perfectly. I left the half stack @ home and we went light weight to move quickly off the stage for the second band The Jane Mutiny.  My 2008 Les Paul did better than @ last rehearsal where the strings kept going out of tune.  My 1980 never had such issues.  I brought my Morris Japanese made acoustic but I never got to use it. I will March 10 for sure at the Anchor Bar in Henrietta, NY.
The set list consisted of a mix of my originals, some Janis, Robert Johnson,  Grace Potter, Rocco DeLuca.  Perennial favs:)
     A special THank You to old friends & new friends , fans, Mgr. Suzanne Fava, BBQ management & staff for making it all in all a wonderful evening.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lemon Verbena

I just found some old notes while cleaning a pile of papers.  A little fun I had at a writing class a few years ago.  The teacher, a published novelist, threw out the word "verbena" to the class, without a definition, and asked us to write something in 10 minutes.  I had verbena growing in my backyard. Unfortunately for the rest of the class, I think I was the only one who did. :)

Verbena ©2004 D.Magone

I have a small house in urbania,
where I plant lots and lots of verbena.
I tend it with care, it grows here & there.
Depends on the amount of the rainia.

The lemon is quite aromatic.
The cinnamon smells very fine.
But my favorite of all, my verbena
grows ground to roof on a vine.

I pluck it and dry it in autumn,
I put it in soaps and in teas.
I really am careful when crushing it,
my verbena sometimes makes me sneeze.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

photo by Rhonda Cline Photography

The Deborah Magone Band is launched for 2012 !

Well, we survived our first gig at Pub 511 in Irondequoit , NY .  It was a bit premature, meaning we would've liked to have been a bit tighter our first time out in a year, however with the support of family, fans, friends, & the Pub, we all had a great time!  A major Thank YOU to ALL who attended, especially fans from Canada who braved the Dept of Homeland you know what,....welcoming committee, who harassed & even fingerprinted our good hearted, well intentioned friends.  
My sincerest apologies! 
We're looking forward to our next band gig @ Sticky Lips BBQ on Mar. 1, 2012  w/ Jane Mutiny. 
In the meantime keep an eye on my calendar @ cause the poop is hittin' the fan ! Translation,...its going to be a jumpin' year for gigs acoustic & band. I hope to see you there !

:Deborah ♥

Monday, January 30, 2012


        Have you noticed how the term “make love” or " making love " is disappearing from the American vocabulary? 
       When I was a child the term ‘making love’ was used often in the movies. Back then “making love” could mean anything form wooing someone with flowers, candy & sweet whispers in someone’s ear,… to kissing.  
     In the late 60’s ,as kids we snickered at hearing it because by then the phrase had started to change. We new it had something to do with kissing & more. Then a funny thing happened, it came to mean having sex and pretty much nothing else.
        The term “Make Love Not War” was used in most every American protest against the Viet Nam war.  It was engrained on my sub-consciousness  & one of the patches on my jeans as a child of 1960’s.
So where did it go ?  Why has it almost if not totally disappeared?
     Thinking on this I realized that the continued militarization of our culture had to get rid of it to survive. First they had to give it a  sexual connotation in order to rid it of any emotional , or caring human relevance.  Then it would get buried along side the Frank Capra films, movies with morality (& damn good acting, something else that’s disappearing).
        Is our corporate military complex trying to create a culture without a conscience? Of course it is. How else can they accomplish their goals.  I know about the psychological training that goes on to prepare soldiers for battle.          They have to learn to  disregard their intuitive nature that tells them killing is wrong unless in an extreme self defense situation.                                                          Are we as humans able to stop loving & caring for one another ?  Is that the reason for so many citizen & soldier suicides & PTSD ? Because they’re being asked to do something that goes against their core beliefs ?   I think so.

Let’s get back to saying it & making Love NOT war.
“…compassion for others, friend or foe, is the noblest of all virtues.”_F.Capra


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello Everyone,
    As this new year is beginning, I'd like to express another heartfelt , exuberant , " THANK YOU ! " for your loyal support & friendship in 2011! 
It was an incredibly productive year. A year of " focusing in " like never before on lifelong passions, & health goals, & creating new music videos for "Clean Up Woman" & "It's All About Money", songs from my cd "Alternate Realities" .
         In 2011 for many , friends & family members passed & many fell ill or lost jobs among other things .  Multiple friends lost spouses much sooner than they'd ever imagined. 2011 was one of the most difficult years ever experienced in our lifetime across the globe.  For that I'm glad to see it go.           However, the 'alternate reality' for many of us was that while amidst multiple tragedies we also made more wonderful new friends & renewed more old friendships everywhere (cyberspace & physical space) than ever before.  I  learned many new things to do with this crazy music biz, trying all the while to be of service.  
     Balancing work, school, & Family is still a work in progress & moving forward in a positive way, I'd like to think.  I hope it is for You.
A few things I've worked hard on this year;  Knowing that I am what I think, I AM. Positive or negative, My thoughts create my world.  So I am learning to manage my creations & manifest much better than ever before. It's not an option any more. Stress is a valuable learning tool & very controllable , but if left to run rampant, it can kill us.  
      What I eat makes a huge difference in how I feel & think.  I eat more organic & while not a complete vegetarian yet, I eat mostly fruits & veggies now & I feel lighter & full of energy .  When I visualize what I want, I now do it with emotion & more gratitude than ever before &  I'm very careful what I ask for, intentionally or otherwise.
I sincerely Hope & Wish You All manifest Abundance, Peace , Health & Happiness during this New Year & Always !

With Love & Deep Gratitude,