Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A shout out to Rachel Maddow.
      I'm a huge fan since your radio days.  I tuned in every day to you & Randi Rhodes & heard every piece of news that existed that day in the small time frame of your shows, while every other news service was regurgitating corporate sound bites. You & Randi packed it in & I didn't need to go anywhere else.
       I was very happy for you when you got the tv spot on MSNBC. I was happy for  Ed too :) Finally a counter point to Faux News. I just watched your last show online while running on my treadmill this morning because Keith as you know is off the air right now.
   You still got it girl, but unfortunately a bit less on the info side. Whats Up Rachel?  ExxonMobil commercials (major corporate criminals responsible for many deaths worldwide) on your website & tv channel.  Not calling out both sides (Obama ) like you used to. You showed Mr. Obama on the campaign trail in Maine etc. saying how GM profits after the bailout are the best in history. This is true. Yes, General Motors is riding high, however I never heard an interview from even one senior retiree (like my Dad) about why GM is riding so high.
           How their fake bankruptcy was created by them & our corporate government (DEM & REP's), to shed millions of pensioners health benefits (that retirees paid into!), lower wages  & eliminate pensions for new employees.  Why are you not talking about this? I know silly question.
        Obama in his speech spoke of health coverage for ANY illness. This is also true. But Rachel, why haven't you commented, like you used to do, that "any illness" was a trade off for the lack of a cap on what the insurance companies are allowed to charge now?  My Dad (Korean war vet) who had his coverage revoked by GM now has to pay increasing amounts, some which double, EVERY YEAR ! Your rebuttles used to be shot across the bough within seconds.
       I now have to resume my search for a FULL coverage of the nations news or get back to doing it myself.  Bummer. Rachel is it possible to have a  radio show too ?  I believe that would be our only chance at survival in America. Without full news coverage we will only create more victims of corporate greed in America. How long will the rising continue before we are an open society again ?
Whats Really Up Rachel ?   

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