Tuesday, May 22, 2012

      SO ... since my last post I've been resting up the vocal cords,  writing some new music & preparing for the release of my new music video "It's All About Money" on June 10, 2012 at Water Street Music Hall here in ROChester, NY.
      I've met a new Vocal Therapist Brad Chapman from Utah who's been helping me with some exercises designed to keep my cords (Abbott & Costello:) happy. They're healing well & I'm looking forward to a busy & productive summer ! See my updated calendar at www.deborahmagone.com
   I've started the veggie garden planting peppers, salads (romaine, ruby red ), tomatoes, potatoes, herbs (basil, rosemary, dill) & more, all organic.  The grape vines & cherry trees have grown rapidly since last year. The bats are back to keep the mosquitoes in check.
    The NATO protests in Chicago are an example of what's to come this year.  It's going to be life changing for many so hold on to your britches.  My heart goes out to many , while my soul tries to maintain balance so that I can continue to be of assistance.  Remember to take care of yourself first, so that if you're inclined, you can help others through this major year of transition.
I've discovered a Wim Wenders movie just now on TCM called "Wings of Desire" with Peter Falk & Bruno Ganz.  It's a film of dark poetry & dark humor, very captivating........

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