Monday, December 24, 2012

A Traumatic Memory in a Folgers Commercial? LOL !!

"My Front Door"
photo by D. Magone Solstice 2012
    As of today I'm officially on vacation.  I'm preparing to make a change this new year and step aside from the marketing (oh so last 2 years :), and work on my writing full tilt. Time for the next cd! More details later.
     Its been quite busy since I last wrote. Pretty nonstop since I got off the plane last November with family, work, & other business ventures, so I've yet to complete my 2nd entry about our Los Angeles trip for the LA Music Awards. But please hang tight, the rest of the tale is worth the wait. First I had to share this.
      This evening while I'm waiting to prepare crab claws for our Xmas eve supper, I opened my computer to look at photos from last weekends gig at Finger Lakes Casino in Upstate New York.  Of course as I logged on I happened to see a curious headline for a video "Rejected Folgers Coffee Commercial" and I just had to look. I couldn't believe what I saw! A traumatic memory resurfaced from our first LA trip in September.  LOL!! At first I began to laugh, then as the commercial progressed and I saw what happened to the poor guy in this commercial I thought, "That could've happened to me !!" My palms began to sweat, ......
        Now if you have not read my previous post titled

, please STOP HERE & go read it FIRST in order to get a bigger laugh from what you're about to see.  Then come back and watch this video & put me in this guys place.  Ooohh my !!

May Peace & Love prevail throughout the New Year !
Happy SolstiChrismaHanuKwanzika !!

Love :Deborah❤

Sunday, December 02, 2012

The Needs of the Many.......

Winter hardy Mums from my front yard. D.Magone 2012

     I'm recently going inward again to reach more outward. Getting back to writing, & recording vs trying to beat down local venue doors for spiritually unrewarding gigs. I've been doing that for a long time because it was my local safety zone. No pressure or deadlines, singing other peoples tunes while interweaving a few of my own. Yawn.....I've lived on both coasts but always did the same; tried to be a big fish in a small safe pond. That theory doesn't work when my purpose is global.
       For some its perfect, but for others like myself its just not. I admit that it goes in waves or cycles.  You must spend time reaching out locally for many reasons, however at some point you must retreat, create & push outward on a global level as well.  Feel the fear & do it anyway. Use your gifts to serve others globally. " The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few "- Spock "Or the one"- Kirk.

Best Wishes to all of us global enthusiasts regardless of career, for continued successful service to others on a global scale !

Deborah Magone