Sunday, August 26, 2012

YOU WILL Achieve What You Believe !

    This entire year's been very busy & chaotic, but at the same time very exhilerating . Yin-yang, up-down, positive-negative, happy-sad, push-pull.    Another quickening however faster than the one the year before. 
I'm feeling a great amount of gratitude for all the people, places & situations that have been coming in to my life.  The energy is getting more uplifting & positive than ever before. I'm taking even more of a creators role knowing that , yes its up to each of us to create the life & the circle of people we want around us, we choose.  Choose BIG!  Go for the dream no matter how expansive. Someone did it before you, it can be done again even bigger & better.
      At the same time I remember always that we’re here to serve, to teach, to work together ,to be the example while we follow & create our dreams & passions , not at the expense of, as some religions would have you think.
      Money is only the root of evil when its gotten by & used for evil deeds. It's an energy that we humans use to facilitate all kinds of wonderful deeds & things to create even more of a quality of life for everyone who truly desires it.  
     The quote about it being hard for millionaires to enter the kingdom of God "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." (Matthew 19:24) is something that churches used to divest people of their money to put them in a submissive & obedient state & enrich the church itself .                                              I believe it to mean those that are overly distracted & attached to material things will have a hard time seeing the real wonders & purpose of  our existence.  You can still be wealthy & connected to your purpose.  
      These are some of the issues that have held many of my generation back from a life of abundance, health, & happiness. Thus the disparity between the financially wealthy (1%) and the poor in America (99%). The “Secret” that the church hides & the lie it perpetuates to keep the masses in line & forever enamored.
I speak from experience when I say that we humans are very powerful. We must be very careful of our thoughts & actions. What we believe (& even think ), we conceive. Many of us now know what stressful thoughts & anger can do.  These thoughts & emotions can cause every illness known to humans, as well as accidents, all leading to death unless you stop.
Choose BIG!  Choose positive ! Go for the dream no matter how expansive. The kingdom of God is within YOU. You , along with the help of those you will attract like you with similar desires, have the power to make all your desires come true.  If you have the desire, sharp focus (belief), & use positive loving action (in thoughts, words & deeds) toward your goals,  YOU WILL achieve what you believe ! Be careful what you ask for because the reverse (negativity & anger resulting in much sadness) is also true ! 


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Where Is the Arts Funding to Create a Collective Sense of Beauty and Meaning in America?

                                                                              Photo "Deborah's Quilting" by DM

        "Is America's national artistic identity the cultural equivalent of pink slime?"

 "Societies never know it, but the war of an artist with his society is ... to make freedom real." For Baldwin, Olorunda says "art ... is a revolutionary act, a production of resistance for transformation."

         THIS is why I'm an Artist. This is why if you are an Artist, no matter the genre, Music, Fine Art, Writing (poetry, literature), Craftsperson, Fiber Arts, Quilting, you must read this article Where Is the Arts Funding to Create a Collective Sense of Beauty and Meaning in America?  by Max Eternity (Eternity Group)