Monday, May 28, 2012

" Memorial Day, a day for a Nation-wide prayer for peace." (64 Stat.158) US Congress 1950

This is a picture of a wonderful area of Upstate NY where I enjoy working out.
It's amazing that the powers that be here have kept it beautiful & building free all these many years.  They have started charging a parking fee though.  Regardless, its still awesome & I don't mind supporting local public spaces.                                                                                               "Requesting the President to issue a proclamation designating May 30, Memorial Day, as a day for a Nation-wide prayer for peace." (64 Stat.158) - 1950 Joint Resolution of United States Congress
An article that expresses how I feel most Memorial Days.
When someone says "Happy Memorial Day" I often wonder if they think about the real significance of this day.  I also often wondered why people celebrate & why we allowed corporations to turn it into a "sale-a-thon" shopping day. Speaking of social consciousness ;
            my new music video premiere of “  It’s All About Money” is upon us , June 10th at the Water St. Music  Hall in Rochester, NY from 1 – 3pm !  Here's the event page with information & photos  on Facebook.

    The video was made locally with homegrown talent !  It will be submitted for Grammy consideration right after the release and nominated along with my cd at the Los Angeles Music Awards in November . We've been chosen out of over 10,000 submissions to be 1 of  7 acts performing on stage , where Stevie Wonder will be in attendance & receiving an award at the Avalon Theatre in Hollywood !  
        Come & meet  the artists who made this wonderful music video happen on June 10th .
       Also, The Deborah Magone Band is on the loose again ! June 8 at Woody’s II  in Henrietta , NY

:Deborah ☮  ♥

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