Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chillin after the Fallout

Ok so hearin' abt the aftermath of the Republican debate & how the candidates thought it's all abt "freedom" to be able to let a young man in a coma die  because he didn't have insurance & that he should buck up & be responsible for his coma, (despicable applause from the audience) , I thought to myself...hmmm ...I wonder what the Dems would say when asked the same question?
         Then I thought, well, they'd more than likely say we should have " a healthcare system that covers ALL Americans" (which is not really a plan or an answer; i.e. could be code for a "privatized plan").        
          After all they've been conceding to most demands made by corporate & they (Dems) have been allowing the continuation of Bush (Republican) practices, destroying the economy & now unions & the U.S. Postal Service, still killing innocent American soldiers, Afghans & Iraqi's w/ drones, Patriot Act & no accountability for any corporation or anyone in leadership, anywhere.
       Could it be that both parties are pretending to play the  "good cop- bad cop " game in order to keep us voting for one & then the other when one fails ?  You know they often break bread together, take money from the same lobbyists & belong to the same social clubs SO, what do you think ?
      Isn't it time to start breaking the chain & start voting for the only party that chooses NOT take corporate bribes or join clubs that would allow members that do ?  I say run for office as a Green & if you can't run , then vote Green from now on & see things really change......for the better.
Going to go chill & watch The Nanny & get some laughs in before sleep.

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