Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hardy Mums & Tenacious Americans

The first snow has fallen in Upstate New York, yet the temperatures are varying wildly day to day from the 30's to the 60's. My hardy mums are still in bloom in the front & backyard.  I took this picture above 2 days ago.  It's like winter daisies. Well I never ! This is the first time I've ever seen this at the end of November in Upstate.  I'm very grateful for the bright yellow, maroon & orange that's been lighting up the dreary fall days. Have they manufactured a hardier flower or is it the temperatures fluctuating thats been keeping them alive this late in the season?
      While the mums brighten up the view, the 99%er's protesting are tending to the brightening up of the national spirit.  Their tenacity, strength & activism are giving hope to many in America right now who are suffering & can't join them in the streets. Those in the streets are full of fight, energy & hope & the excitement pushes outward like the rings of water pulsating wider & wider after a stones throw in  a pond.
    This is bad news for the corporations.  They're not liking it at all! They've begun hiring lobbyists whose sole job it is to thwart this movement. They are trying to get the propaganda machine rolling, name calling, trouble making & using every media outlet they own to do it with.  They are pulling the strings behind the Obama administrations orchestration of the crackdown across the country a few days ago.
But they will not succeed. Humans will only be pushed back so far in to the depths of despair before they spring forward & fight back.
      Like the mums in my very  own yard blooming stunningly bright thru the November snow & winds, reaching for the sky, the human spirit, in Egypt , Greece, Italy , Spain, America & elsewhere will continue to rise again & again in increasing numbers until satisfied that justice has been served.

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