Monday, November 28, 2011


          It was an amazing month of creativity !  Yesterday we shot the long anticipated music video for my original song " It'$ All About Money " dedicated to the 99% w/  Director Neal Dhand, & Producer Rick Staropoli both formerly on "Second Story Man".  It was a wonderful collaboration working creatively w/ Neal, & Rick helped us bring our vision together logistically.   
         The cast & technical crew were amazing support for a very important project as were the musicians, my son Marco, Bobby Bond, & Sam Polizzi.  I'm forever grateful & honored to have worked with all of these fine talented people. I'll be posting a complete list of names on the Facebook group site soon. I would also like to extend a special Thanks to Mike Calabrese of "Java's at The Market" for supplying the perfect location to stage our production & Tony Gross of GFI Recording studios for supplying the perfect additions to our musical equipment !                                                                                                Clean Up Woman was a student film project for SUNY Brockport students directed by David Weilert.  We finished up last week.  I enjoyed my first dance on a bar , the first dart game I've played in a bar since the 70's, & my first red shiny pumps w/ red fishnet stockings. I also discovered that I didn't have a little red dress in my closet !  Unbelievable. I used to have one long ago in Los Angeles in the 80's, not sure where it went, however I was glad to discover it was gone.  It gave me a reason to go looking for an updated model.
               Now my first inclination is to always go to the goodwill used clothing store.  I did & I couldn't find one , so I headed for the commercial retail box stores.  Now I'm talking cherry / orange red, bright & rich red, the kind that used to be quite prevalent, along with the cherries too !                                                                   To my amazement I found a noticeable "absence of color". No red to be found in the adult departments in quite a few stores,  but plenty in the kids departments. Now I can fit in to a kids size 14, but there were no cute, sexy red dresses to be found there either, Thank Goodness !
         I wondered why no red in the womyn's dept's. Not just because its fall, but I haven't seen cute red anything in a long time.   Are the dyes too expensive? Is it an empowering color that's not allowed anymore in communist China where most of our clothes are now made or is it a corporate American decision to keep us in military drab?  There's been an incredible amount of browns, grays, & dark blues & greens.  ("Sir! I'll wear something drab, you'll be proud of me! " - Klinger/M*A*S*H*)                       What's your take on the absence of color in American clothing ? I finally did find one in the Madonna clothing line @ Macy's, go figure. There were 4 on the rack only one in my size & every other stitch of clothing around this group on the other racks was black & grey.
Anyway, I digress, :)
 More to come.....

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