Wednesday, November 02, 2011

America Rising !

     It's an exciting, frustrating, amazing, even yes, spiritual time we're living thru right now.  No longer the lives of our youth we left behind when we seemed to have a more just legal system, more philanthropy, more humanitarian motives, more opportunity & even more time on our hands to spend with friends & family.
    It's incredibly frustrating for many of us to continually hear nothing but bad news every day, on top of people in powerful positions (this includes news(?)casters & journalists)  pushing confusion & fear over the media outlets, looking for real news & hearing about our own American patriots occupying Wall St etc, braving the winter snow & cold to protect our freedoms right here at home.
       I'm choosing to mute the commercials, to look for the news I want to hear & choose some comedy to make me laugh & forget, when I'm feeling overwhelmed. Each day can be our own creation if we choose.
      I'm choosing to "manage my creations" in a positive way. I'm choosing to create my day the way I wish it to be.  I'm choosing to look for things ( & people) that inspire me, like the 99%er's ! I'm choosing to pick my battles, post as much real news on my sites (FB & Twitter), sign as many petitions as possible, support honest candidates for office, invest in honorable companies, teach my children well, & recycle. :) So much to do , so little time. Oh yeah, eat real organic food & REST when I need to.
      Of course the day won't always go as planned.  There'll be situations or people who'll present challenges OR conversely there'll be wonderful unexpected things that can happen.  It's the way we choose to handle those things that'll get us through.  Breathe deep & choose to use strength, love & patience in all dealings.  Choose to take part in creating peace, & prosperity for ALL. Get out to a protest near you if you can.( If not, spread the news)
Choose to participate & vote on election day. Continue & choose to keep Rising Up America !
 :Deborah ❤

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