Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Progress ?!

                                                                  My Coffee Table - Photo by Deborah

“They say I'm old-fashioned, and live in the past, 

but sometimes I think progress progresses too fast!” 
― Dr. Seuss

Is it really Wednesday, tomorrow Thursday? WHat happened to Monday & Tuesday, or last week for that matter?  Because of my whirlwind activities I now sit here with a whopper of a cold, one of those "my face hurts" kinda head colds. I'm drinking hot veggie organic boullion to soothe the swollen glands. Had enough of honey, tea & lemon today.
     Everything considered I've handled myself well. Managing, schedules, meals, calendars , crisis. Getting better & better everyday in every way. In the middle of it all I'm trying to remember to have some fun, sometimes very difficult when good friends are not doing so well.
   I took my daughter to see "Wicked" last night. We enjoyed it very much. Wonderful costumes, set designs, acting & singing. Green will be in this year again to be sure.  My only criticism really ( and thats amazing for me to have only one!) was the musical arrangements.
     WHen did the musical genre get so generic? Since when were we able to walk away from a show not remembering one stand out memorable song, but only the visual effects?  No "Old Man RIver", no "Summertime," or "Over the Rainbow?"
Almost every song sounded the same.  A bit of a let down. Something that if more attention was paid to it , would've pushed the show over the edge and into my memory forever.
   So if you happen to be in the business of writing for musicals, please , in future, go the extra mile, the extra note or phrase, and start reversing this homogenized trend. Lets bring back wonderful melodies, smart catchy phrases, & memorable hooks with emotional inspiration.


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