Saturday, May 25, 2013

May Update !

 Lilac Festival Rochester,NY Photo courtesy of Gale McHale

Its been an exciting May so far. A bit schizophrenic in so far as the weather is concerned. I've sent off my protest payment to 407 ETR in the form of multiple checks. I decided postage for pennies would've been too much. 
THank YOU to those of you who responded to my post. Feel free to update us regarding this modern act of highway robbery either here or on my facebook wall in solidarity ! 
           The Lilac festival was a wonderful time. The weather looked threatening so I asked my fans and Facebook friends to do a Sun dance and I visualized the same.  I brought my jacket and winter gloves with the cut off fingers just in case, but envisioned the better scenario.  As the Universe would have it, as I watched the band before us perform their last song, the Sun began to fight its way thru the clouds sporadically teasing us. By the time we started our set it was shining and warming us all throughout the rest of the day.  Dino Kay one of our local DJ's was kind enough to attribute it to me as he announced us, but lets just say it was a group effort :)
Thank You to Jeff Springut & the entire RochesterEvents staff for all your hard work in pulling it together. Also THanks to my new band members Joe Jovanelli & Shawn Rotolo for doing such a great job for their first time out with me! Last but never least, Thank YOU Mother Nature for giving us the beautiful environment in which to share our music.


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