Tuesday, November 10, 2015

        Had the greatest experience today while shopping for ceramic tile for the kitchen floor.  I entered a store and actually found the color and tile I wanted.  I'd been searching for a while for something natural , stone with some yellow to give it warmth. Not easy but finally, there it was. While speaking to the clerk about details, we somehow started talking about music.
     He told me about how he played guitar and taught his kids, who now have a band of their own. He's since slowed down with his playing a bit, however he's so very proud of his kids and you can see it and hear it in his expression.
       I told him that I also played. He continued talking, about music and about the tile. The conversation was intertwined, back and forth. Then
he looked at me and asked if I'd ever worked at the House Of Guitars. No sooner did I say "Yes," then he snapped his fingers , pointed at me and excitedly blurted out " You were my guitar teacher! You taught me how to play Crazy Train !! YOU ROCK! "
I must've been around 19 and he was 15. LOL  He remembered how cool the lessons were and how I had complemented him on how fast he picked up the song. It was a happy experience for him.
    In that moment I felt both very old and at the same time very proud to have influenced that young man, who then went on to teach his kids, who will one day go on to teach theirs or someone else's kids.
      I had forgotten about him and he had remembered . I influenced his life and his future generations because I took the time to care and be respectful , and complimentary. I sincerely was, and still am when I teach . I love my students, I love my job.

(This post was written in 2014)

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